Top Quality Filters FAQ

Q: What brands of refrigerators do you carry water filters for?
A: GE, Frigidaire, Samsung and Maytag

  • Top Quality Filter – GE MWF Smartwater Compatible Cartridge
  • Top Quality Filter – Frigidaire – ULTRAWF Compatible Cartridge for Frigidaire
  • Top Quality Filter – DA29-00020B for Samsung Refrigerators
  • Top Quality Filter – Maytag UKF8001 Replacement

Q: Are any of your filters compatible with other refrigerators?
A: Yes, the Maytag filter is also compatible with Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Viking, Bosch, and Amana Pur refrigerators.

Q: My filter does not snap into place correctly, what can I do?
A: The filters have a protective cap over some of their sensitive locking pieces, be sure to remove those before installing.

Q: The filter is in place correctly but is still leaking, why?
A: The O ring seals could have moved out of place during installation, remove the filter and inspect the black O ring seals. If there are still leaking issues, consult your refrigerator manual or contact your refrigerator Customer Support for assistance.

Q: There is only a small flow coming from the fridge, how can I get it to flow better?
A: The filter has a carbon charcoal, if this has been damaged it can cause the stream to weaken or even stop the flow entirely.

Q: Installed new filter now my ice maker doesn’t work properly
A: There may be air in your water line, run a gallon of water through the line to flush out any air bubbles.

Q: The water tastes funny, what can I do?
A: It is suggested to flush the filter for 1-2 gallons before use

Q: When I put the new filter in, it made machine gun sounds, why?
A: This sound usually occurs when there is air in the water line, flush more water through the line to clear out the air.

Q: It fits nicely into place, I can hear the water running to fill the filter, but no water will come out the water dispenser in the door. What can I do?
A: The filter is filled with carbon charcoal. If for any reason part of the charcoal breaks during shipment it can block the flow of water.